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The real challenge is to survive relationships. Shocking 😱data reveals that some couples 💑 around the world do not stay together🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️.


And when couples decide to break up one of the first questions is what happens with the children👼?

And more specifically, How do we overcome the pain and mutually manage the children's daily routine? Or how do we pass information to each other without missing anything?

 UX/UI Designer




An effective communication solution for divorced couples with children
My Role:

luckily we got  X+🕺


My research revealed that the most challenging aspect for divorcees is to separate emotions from the conversation regarding their children. 

Moreover, I have found that shared custody parents have a strong need to feel part of significant moments in their children’s lives when they are absent. 

Therefore, the main goal of this project was to create a neutral environment for effective communication, which captures important events and information in one place.

To determine the challenges faced by divorced parents I have conducted surveys and in-depth interviews. I have spoken to couples, children, their teachers and significant family members to understand major issues and points of difficulty. I have researched various blogs and websites to learn which tools, apps and methods are currently used by families following divorce.


Each child has a schedule and a color

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