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Conversion rate increased by +40.5%
My Role:  Product Manager, UX Designer


Bring your two homes together - homeis is a worldwide platform for immigrants. It is designed to address all their needs, so they can feel at home wherever they are.

Onboarding is the first interaction with the potential users, therefore it is such an important process of user experience.
This first interaction will generate emotions and create expectations that can determine the users' willingness to commit to the product.

The existing onboarding wasn't satisfying, user feedback and data suggested a profound improvement to be made.


  • ​​To Increase the conversion rate for sign-up

  • Understanding user concerns and needs for each community based on cultural beliefs and social status

  • Showcase the apps’ benefits 

  • Being safe and trustworthy, for immigrants to provide personal contact information



I examined the data on the existing onboarding, and a sharp drop could be seen between specific screens.
I knew that to make a significant improvement, I needed a real and deep understanding of our users.

Some screens contain questions that can be seen as intrusive for immigrants, a population less cooperative with supplying personal information online.


Click the arrows  < >  to see the old onboarding process

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Flooding the answers to these questions Explain the value for the user Option not to select gender or "other" Choosing a status (mom+2| single…) Choosing the purpose of the app FOR THE USER OPPORTUNITIES Understanding app functions through tutorials or walkthrough screens. See rating, read comments Curious Take a risk Wondering Hope Fear Stressful Tired Exhausted Tired Exhausted Fear Exhausted Hope Excited Curios Worried Flooded Excitement Curios High rating, good comments, comments that the app is safe Language match device language Text that gives a sense of data security and privacy Dynamically update content & screens Flood the value of the app Log in with Facebook or email. “Confirmation mail” will return the users to the home page Sign up via phone number | google or without identifying ID at first Do we need a confirmation email? What is the perfect timing? Terms & conditions - Add summarize in a very simple and friendly “Confirmation Email” - Removes the user from the registration process Swiping CTA - Join your homeis CTA - Join your community (More valuable for the user) Images that convey a strong emotion. Of belonging, joy, community Picture of happy immigrants from the communities in the new place thanks to homeis Consider to change the order of the screens A glimpse of the product Emphasize that they are safe with us, In their language and easy to read text Set a picture Edit\fit profile picture What's waiting for me inside? Why should I sign up? Clear the meaning of the question Flood the number of people there already there Explain why these questions are important Ask these questions after the login process? Choose a gender Feedback the picture Emphasize how a photo enhances the community experience Search | selection- where are you from? where do you live now? Answer more personal questions Emphasize the skip button Finding friends from a very long list Choose 2 topics (mandatory) Notify or not? Autometic static welcome screen It is possible to make changes later Explain why - This help personalize your feed in your way Flood the value: Stay connected to your community ... Where am I going now? Expressing joy You can change it anytime Automatically track people and pages with relevant topics, view groups on related topics Offer members by smart algorithm Sign up with email - show CTA - friends from Facebook Import friends from contacts The community manager will be the first member automatically ACTIONS FEELINGS CTA that increase answars “ Interesting topics, I want to see the app already. When does all this investigation end?“ “Another decision to make, another app that will bother me ״ IOS only “Finally! Cool! Hoping to find someone I know who is related to me ” “It's too much! so many questions“ “Nice, excitement” “Why should I give them all these details? Will they tell me about the authorities?” “Now they want my pic? Why they want to know my gender?” “Login through Facebook or email is a bit stressful… What are they going to do with this information?” “Beautiful animations, but what the functionallity of the app?I dont know if it be valuable to me” “I saw an ad that there is an app for people like me, maybe I should check it out?” EMOTIONS & THOUGHTS ADD FRIENDS ADD TOPICS WHERE+WHEN WHERE PIC+GENDER LOGIN PROCESS ANIMATED SCREENS GOOGLE PLAY|APP STORE|LINK|AD Confirmation email FIRST TIME NOTIFICATION NOTIFICATION WELCOME CHOOSE TOPICS STEPS TOUCHPOINTS Facebook Snapchat Instegram Campaigns Google Events Posts Groups Recommendations Guides & Lists Newsletter Refferal Partenrship PR Privacy Policy App Stores Banner Terms& Conditins



  • Meeting points with the user

  • Steps of the process

  • Thoughts & Feelings graph

  • Emotional mapping


After writing and understanding these points, the opportunities could be clearly seen.



  • Refined and reduced the animations to 3 screens

  • Automatically move to the next screen without a click on the button

Sign up screen Copy 40.png
Sign up screen Copy 41.png
Sign up screen Copy 42.png

6.75% Increase in transfer to the next step 

Bitmap Copy 9.png


Old onboarding

Bitmap Copy 10.png


New onboarding


  • Changed the order of the screens - First finding your community before signing up

  • Emphasis the value of the app before asking to provide personal data. "Let's find your community”

  • Onboarding will start in the user's device language with an option to change it

  • Added tooltips 

  • Users from a targeted marketing campaign received a relevant preset in the “country” field

  • Flag icons in the country search tab - easier to identify and increase the sense of connection

Search for now.png
search for origin.png
Sign in full Copy 14.png
sign up.png


  • Created a high sense of belonging: "Join 33,252 Israelis in the USA

  • Added a fast registration on IOS devices with Apple ID

  • Made it clear that info is not being shared with any other party, emphasized our privacy policy, Term & Condition - and summarized them

16% Increase in Sign up ratio   

Old onboarding

New onboarding


  • Progress bar

  • Animation to "upload picture" 

  • Reaction to upload pic "wow"

  • Logic - The ten most popular cities for each nationality are shown first

  • Removed questions that came up in the study as intrusive, and were of less value at this point - to a later stage in the app

Profile city Copy 9.png
Profile city Copy.png
Profile city Copy 2.png

52% Increase in upload picture 



Old onboarding



New onboarding



  • Changed the pictures to icons for a more clean and universal design

  • Topics selection - personal feed and suggestions according to the user's preference


The total conversion rate increased by 40.5%, the average time to convert decreased by 1.2 min (from 4.2 to 3). Data analysis never ends, and daily I would look at several dashboards that I have built:
Daily, monthly, quarterly onboarding. Organic and non-organic, break down by community, gender, models, web-mobile, Android-IOS, login forms, alerts, failures, time to convert, and more.

All of these helped me learn as much as possible, improve and grow.

40.5% increase in total Conversion Rate 




Old onboarding




New onboarding


invision flow - onboarding.png

For the real and full experience,

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  • Upgraded the logic of friend suggestions: first include active users, recently seen, with a profile picture, 50% women 50% men

  • Limit the suggested friend's list to 24 instead of 70. By improving the quality, the number of suggestions was slightly smaller but much more relevant, and the duration to the next stage decreased by 66%



  • Changed the animation and micro-copy

  • Emphasized the confirm button which led to a significant improvement in confirmations

Notifications Copy 3.png

Tipping Point  - Since the change, more notification approval than blocks